Words for Portraits is a series of short-reads by literary English-language and Italian-language writers, each one inspired by a portrait of the author’s choice. Juxta Press is pleased to announce upcoming books from Ubah Cristina Ali Farah, Will Ashon, Claire-Louise Bennett and Vincenzo Latronico.

Juxta Press is commissioning artists to create limited edition prints on the theme of Home. As always, the varied artistic responses we’ve received so far have shifted and expanded our original definition. Home can mean many things to many people; it can encompass interiority and domestic relations, nationalisms and migration, memory and fantasy.

Like the Justice series, every print will be available as a signed and numbered limited edition for purchase.

Inscribing Cosmos will bind together the work of master calligraphists from all over the world; they are the heirs and reinventors of a millenary tradition. Each book contains original drawings that foreground basic rhythm and form, tying together words and images, emotions and thoughts, nature and human imagination. There is no space for hesitation; calligraphy moves between description and depiction, capturing the flux of what it signifies. Such modulation leaps beyond the here and now, as if to become a line of ink traversing the cosmos.


The series will publish the internationally renowned calligraphists Monica Dengo, Golnaz Fathi, Koji Kakinuma, Hassan Makaremi and Zhao Yizhou.