Burgin’s edition will pair computer generated images of a digital Afterlife with the story of a man who finds himself there, in a familiar but unknown land.

Publication date: Summer 2019

Ruth Van Beek is the latest artist to produce prints for Justice, adding her original image to a series that already embraces works by Jimmie Durham and Clegg & Guttmann.

The artist is the author of How To Do The Flowers, co-published by Dashwood Books and Art Paper Editions, and The Cast published by NewDocuments in Los Angeles.

Inscribing Cosmos will bind together the work of master calligraphists from all over the world; they are the heirs and reinventors of a millenary tradition. Each book contains original drawings that foreground basic rhythm and form, tying together words and images, emotions and thoughts, nature and human imagination. There is no space for hesitation; calligraphy moves between description and depiction, capturing the flux of what it signifies. Such modulation leaps beyond the here and now, as if to become a line of ink traversing the cosmos.


The series will publish the internationally renowned calligraphists Monica Dengo, Golnaz Fathi, Koji Kakinuma, Hassan Makaremi and Zhao Yizhou.